Audacity VST Enabler

Windows icon vst-bridge-1.1.exe (Windows Installer) (Windows ZIP file)
Mac OS X icon vst-bridge-1.1.dmg for Mac OS X

vst-bridge-1.1.tar.gz (Source code)

Newest, version 1.1 - released March 3, 2007 - thanks to Leland Lucius for this latest update.

This plug-in allows Audacity 1.2.4 and higher to support VST plug-ins. Just put it in Audacity's "Plug-ins" folder. For more information on VST plug-ins, see Audacity's Plug-ins page.

To use with Audacity: just copy or vst-bridge.dll to the Plug-ins folder inside of your Audacity folder.

The Mac version is a universal binary.

This library makes it possible for programs which support the LADSPA API to load VST plug-ins. Simply place the library into any folder where LADSPA plug-ins are loaded, and it will automatically load all VST plug-ins and make them appear as LADSPA plug-ins.

VST plugins are searched for in this order:

On Windows, additionally: On OS X, additionally:

The Windows version now looks for plugins in standard locations as well as the current directory and the VST_PATH environment variable. First, it tries to locate the "standard" VST registry key and, if not found, looks in "Program Files\VST\VSTPlugins".

Because of licensing issues, VST support must be kept separate from Audacity. This "VST Enabler" is mostly open-source, but the source code to Steinberg's VST SDK is required, and this must be downloaded from Steinberg separately.